Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pit Stops: The Land of the Human Zombie

Pit stops: every compulsive spender's nightmare.

And at 1.47 in the middle of the night it is also the stomping ground of choice for the zombiefied human dribbler.

Nobody expects anything of you apart from your money, and when in such an arse-about-face frame of mind handing over your hard-earned cash is about all you can do.

Nowhere else is it the norm to pay two quid -a minor fortune - for a tin of fizz.

Nowhere else is it considered normal to drink a gallon of coffee with a side of burgers when the rest of the world is asleep.

And then there's the devil himself in the form of the all night fast food conglomerate that only needs to broadcast the first letter of its name to smash through your sensibilities and suck your wallet - and your health - dry.

Call me a cynic - 'cynic!' - but if you want to make a fortune, forget banking. Open a roadside service station.

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